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India’s #1 Best Home Insemination Kit for Humans. That Increases pregnancy chances of couples.

" The game-changing solution that empowers distributors to perform SUBHAG IUI procedure with greater ease and efficacy. "

Due to low motile sperms, they cannot travel fast the long distance from vagina to uterus and they die before they can reach egg, V conceive acts like a fast bullet train and direct deposit the sperms to cervix hole which is only 3-5 mm away from uterus, this solves the problem of low motility and low sperm count

The V conceive cup protect your sperms from vaginal fluid which can sometime kill the sperms, In natural intercourse sperms are directly exposed to vaginal fluid but here they are 100% protected

In natural intercourse after ejaculation of sperms they may get splashed all over the vaginal wall, and lose the way to the cervix hole. In V conceive no back flow is possible and sperms are forced to go upward and direct to uterus where egg is waiting for fertilization

The cervix hole which is 1-2 mm in size is a gate between Vagina and uterus which gets open only on the day of ovulation. V conceive uses the success pressure created by uterus to suck up all sperms from the cup inside uterus and increase the chance of conception

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More than 10 million babies are born with ART globally**

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Since its groundbreaking success in 2018, V Conceive has been selling in across the country. V Conceive have been, and always will be designed to meet users’ keen needs.

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As a brand of quality products, V Conceive attracts industry-leading partners from manufacture and supply chains. More and more distributors are joining V Conceive for the developed after services and distribution channels. And V Conceive is gaining growing market share by providing quality product to customers across the world.

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